How To Find A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Perth

When looking for a workers compensation lawyer in Perth, you should seek someone who has several years of experience dealing with such cases. They should give you the attention you need, and be willing to explain your rights and what they will do get you everything you’re entitled to.

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Once you’ve been hurt at work, you are eligible to get 100% medical benefits, with no co-pay or deductible. Your employee is also required to provide you with a choice of doctors, a minimum of two to select from. 2/3 of your wages should be paid to you within two weeks of your accident as part of a lost wage benefit package.

Any expenses you incur from traveling back and forth to doctors appointment should be fully reimbursed. If there is vocational or retraining that is required, your employer should cover that. Compensation for disfigurements such as burns, cuts, or a loss of limbs should also be something you can discuss with your lawyer.

Once the insurance company fails to pay benefits, then you may be entitled to penalties. And lastly, a lump sum benefit may be entitled to you if your injuries permanently disable you or prevent you from working again.

Great workers compensation lawyers always guarantee their services and offer “risk-free representation.” This means that if they do not get a settlement or benefits package for you, then you should not have to pay them. He/she should also offer you a free consultation to answer your questions and find out if you have a strong case for a lawsuit against your employer.

You should be comfortable with you attorney, and they should take the time to explain things to you so that you are fully aware of what is going on. Don’t be afraid to seek the second opinion of another lawyer. This way you can be assured of your options and that you are getting prudent legal advice.

Remember that you are not SUING your employer when you file a workers compensation benefits claim. You are simply filing to get benefits you are entitled to through Perth law. You may be able to file a separate lawsuit if your lawyer determines that your employer had gross negligence that leads to your injury or dismemberment.